Pulmonic Charge

Breathing produces an audible and constantly recurring cycle. The basic wind unit produced by air flowing out of the lungs is known as the pulmonic charge. This air flow causes all subsequent sounds produced by the vocal apparatus.


  vocal configuration sound sweep position semantic designator
First ovular (deep palate) similar to french "R" 1 o'clock - 30 degrees early-beginning (conception)
Second velar (deep palate) english: "K" and "G" 2 o'clock - 60 degrees mid-beginning (birth)
Third mid-palate english: husher - "shhh" 3 o'clock - 90 degrees late beginning (living/growing)
Fifth alveolar (frontal palate) english: "T", "D", "S" and "Z" 5 o'clock - 150 degrees early middle
Seventh dental (tongue and teeth) english: "T", "D", and "th" 7 o'clock - 210 degrees late middle
Ninth labiodental (lip and teeth) english: "F" and "V" 9 o'clock - 270 degrees early-ending (decline/dying)
Tenth bilabial (lips) english: "P" and "B" 10 o'clock - 300 degrees mid ending (death)
Eleventh   silence 11 o'clock - 330 degrees late ending (non-existing)

Consonant Flow

In this diagram a range of consonant sounds are mapped out in a sweeping cycle. Much like a standard clock, the relationship between each phonetic step is implicit in it position and orientation along the sweep. The color scheme of each region in the vocal apparatus corresponds with a specific step in the cycle.

First Position

In the vocal apparatus, the earliest region of phonetic manipulation is the uvular position. For this reason it operates as the "consonant matter flow" initiator, beginning one full cycle sweep from the 1 o'clock position onward.

vocal configuration ovular (deep palate)
sound similar to french "R"
sweep position 1 o'clock - 30 degrees
semantic designator early-beginning (conception)

Second Position

The velar axis is the site of a Plosive/Fricative Cluster. Still fairly early in the vocal tract, (but closer to the end than the Uvulars) it occupies the 2 o'clock or mid-beginning position.

vocal configuration velar (deep palate)
sound english: "K" and "G"
sweep position 2 o'clock - 60 degrees
semantic designator mid-beginning (birth)

Third Position

The final state before the mid-consonant series is the Postalveolar position. It is formed by the rear-tongue fricative that can progress forward into the mid-Alveolar range (from the 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions).

vocal configuration mid-palate
sound english: husher - "shhh"
sweep position 3 o'clock - 90 degrees
semantic designator late beginning (living/growing)

Fifth Position

In the mid-consonantal Alveolar position, the tongue is responsible for the progression past the true mid-point, or equilibrium zone.

vocal configuration alveolar (frontal palate)
sound english: "T", "D", "S" and "Z"
sweep position 5 o'clock - 150 degrees
semantic designator early middle

Seventh Position

The shift from the 5 to 7 o'clock positions implies a theoretical crossing of the half-way mark, and is produced phonetically by a forward progression of the tongue from rear to front. It is also the frontal-most position of the tongue.

vocal configuration dental (tongue and teeth)
sound english: "T", "D", and "th"
sweep position 7 o'clock - 210 degrees
semantic designator late middle

Ninth Position

This Fricative Cluster is produced when the lower lip and top teeth begin to interact. Here is where the (ending region) begins, characterized by the sweep from 9 o'clock until the end.

vocal configuration labiodental (lip and teeth)
sound english: "F" and "V"
sweep position 9 o'clock - 270 degrees
semantic designator early-ending (decline/dying)

Tenth Position

The last region of the vocal apparatus where manipulations to a breathy charge can be made. At the 10 o'clock position, the Bilabial Plosive/Fricative Cluster signifies an end to the consonant progression.

vocal configuration bilabial (lips)
sound english: "P" and "B"
sweep position 10 o'clock - 300 degrees
semantic designator mid ending (death)

Eleventh Position

Theoretical region that serves as a marker to signify of one cycle and the beginning of another.

vocal configuration
sound silence
sweep position 11 o'clock - 330 degrees
semantic designator late ending (non-existing)