(Energy Language Interactive Phoneme Synthesizing Interface System)

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Energy Language Project; a Preamble

The ideas contained in this project are curiously infectious. This work is based on a combination of intuition, research, creativity, and a fusing together of many fields of knowledge. It is experimental, philosophic, interdisciplinary, speculative, fueled by curiosity and guided by aesthetic sensibilities. This project has been under development for four years and seems capable of generating discoveries about the nature of our environment and the universe for years to come. What started as a private philosophical meditation has developed into what could be considered the creation of a novel culture. It�s power as an evolved mental tool has been at least sufficient to uncover hints of a vast meta-discipline whose creative potential seems worthy of renewed study. ... of course I can be charged with having placed too much importance on this particular gimmick of intellectual sophistication, but, to hell with it, enjoy the journey as I surely have.

-F. Mathias Lorenz 2000.11.07

Intro Inquiry Scheme

General description of underlying methodology.
This project seeks to develop and examine questions along the following lines of inquiry.

  • What is the nature of language?
    What is the nature of thought?
    How do these two entities interact and how do they evolve?
  • Where does consciousness come from and where is it going?
    What will languages of the future look, sound and feel like?
  • How can we refine our understanding of the world around us by altering our thought and speech patterns?
    How has our manipulation of our environment effected our relationship to it?
    What can we learn by observing different effects of evolution and applying our observations to a human language model?

What is the EnergyLanguage?

  • A project that aims to explore human consciousness, language systems, epistemology (the study of knowledge), evolution of living systems, and processes of self-reflection. At the core of this project is a spirit of intellectual upheaval, as well as a system of informational empowerment.
  • A multi faceted program that is comprised of a novel communication theory, an interstitial meta language, and an experimental methodology whereby meaning is rendered through a context of energetic dynamics and informational relationships.
  • An effective anti-boredom device.

Project objectives

  • To gain new perspectives on how language and consciousness interact.
  • To maximize human creativity and to transcend conventional thought.
  • To envision plausible alternatives for the future of communication.
  • To develop a framework for a more efficient universal system of information transmission, reception and processing.
  • To challenge stagnant methodology that keeps us back from significant advances in the evolution of human consciousness.
  • To perpetuate a spirit of rebellion, upheaval, and radical societal transformation.
  • To keep it up now.

Project NON-objectives

  • To accept as unalterable the current framework within which intellectual, spiritual, and linguistic relationships transpire and interact.
  • To foist this project as scientifically empirical or empirically valid.
  • To capitalize on these ideas for anyone's profit.
  • To simplify our current knowledge of language, evolution, or consciousness into an inadequate set of formulas or mysticisms.
  • To confuse ourselves further.

Intended audience

The ideas, sentiments, and words in this work are quasi-scientific in nature, but should pose no problem to the curious non-specialist. No expert or academic qualifications are required for the absorption of this material. It is my sincere hope that anyone curious enough to spend the time will be rewarded by the ability to begin a new style of conceptualization through this program. My only qualifications are persistent wonder fueled by a basically philosophical methodology and a desire to gradually replace ignorance in my mind with tidbits of wisdom. It is important to bear in mind that many of the ideas contained herein are difficult to comprehend only because our minds have very little experience thinking about them, not because they are so complex. Curiosity is the only credential, coupled with an inquisitive desire to examine ourselves and the universe around us.


This project is ongoing, freewheeling, speculative, and open source. Any ideas, comments, links, criticisms, updates, contributions, etc, are thoroughly welcome. We are striving to make this site and its content the most comprehensive that it can be. Feel free to use the contact link to the left to send us a response.